Red Edge is the second oldest vineyard in Heathcote, having been planted in 1971. Two hectares of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon were planted initially.

Further plantings on adjacent blocks have seen the vineyard expand to 14 hectares under vine with some other classic european varieties also planted.

The climate around Heathcote is continental with warm to hot and generally very dry summers and cool and sometimes wet winters.

The vineyard is planted on the famous Cambrian soil of Heathcote. The soil is vibrantly red, deep, free draining, mineral rich and eminently favourable to the vine, particuarly Shiraz.

The vines are all dry grown with vields of less than 2.5 tonnes per hectare. The vineyard is hand pruned, hand picked and the wines are all made on site at the Red Edge winery.

Peter Dredge, the owner and winemaker also looks after the vineyard.